Objective: Hit all 15 red targets as fast as possible


-Mouse to steer/maneuver

-Left click and hold to fire Gatling gun, right click to fire missiles

-Space to use scope

-hold W to boost, hold S to brake


-C to toggle perspective

-Scroll wheel to accelerate/decelerate gradually

-When only 3 targets remain, locator flares will be emitted

Creator's record: 49.6 seconds

Have fun!

P.S.    Comment if you beat my record; confirm with a screenshot and I'll list the leader boards here!


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>Updates< (v1.3)

15 targets now! (up from 12 previously)

Locator flares! No more searching endlessly and blowing up every building for the last few squares! When only three targets remain, they will shoot flares straight up, so keep an eye out

Bullet speed increased by 40%